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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

Taster scenario and additional resource for BRiTE

Hugo is a sunny, happy child, eager to chat to anyone who is near, and liable to break into song at various points in the day. He is bright and curious. When frustrated, however, Hugo can switch to being angry and tearful, wailing and destroying whatever is near, whether his own or another’s activity. At these times he scares the other children (and himself), and will lash out at an adult who tries to comfort or restrain him. He seems to be enraged by any response, direct or indirect; including removing other children from his vicinity to keep them safe, for example.  Hugo has a ‘safe place’ in the room where he has agreed he can go at these times, to help him to calm down; however, when in the midst of a tantrum, calming down is not what Hugo seeks, and he seems to get even angrier and more unruly if this is suggested to him.

  • How could you respond to Hugo, keeping in mind Standards 5.1 “Respectful and equitable relationships are developed and maintained with each child” and 5.2 “Each child is supported to build and maintain sensitive and responsive relationships with other children and adults.”?
  • How will you support yourself, if your efforts to calm Hugo are unsuccessful?
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