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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

EYPD102 Observing Children

Spring Session 2017

In Spring Session, students enrolled in this Year 1 subject completed Modules B (Building Resilience) & R (Relationships). Students were asked to provide feedback concerning the following:

New knowledge gained:  

“just to stop and recollect your thoughts”

“how to challenge my negative thoughts”

“building new relationships with colleagues” 

“reciprocal relationships”

We also surveyed  their perceived level of confidence to maintain resilience on their impending first professional experience placement ( PEX). On a scale 1-10 there was a range of responses from 5-10, with an average 6.9 (based on 11 responses) .

The question “Has your  confidence changed since completing these BRiTE Modules? was posed to the students, and of the 11 respondents, 9 noted an increase, and provided the following responses:

“allowed me to look at things in a different way”

“gives me ideas. (to use) strategies of working with others”

“information to communicate effectively with co-workers”

“extra support and knowledge a sense of security”

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