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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

Module E

Emotions and the NQS

For our Early Years students, we raise issues such as working with children with challenging behaviours and forming relationships with families that are essential in the early childhood context.These situations bring emotions - those of the pre-service teacher, the early childhood teacher, the child, the parents or caregivers and colleagues - into the forefront of tutorial and forum discussions and thinkings.  As such, our students are encouraged to consider quality reflective practice, where our students are seeing this in practice and actively ‘doing it’. This may further link with effective leadership modelling and strategies.

Topics NQS - Quality areas and standards

Problem solving

QA4. Staffing Arrangements

Standard 4.1 Staffing arrangements enhance children’s learning and development.

QA5 Relationships with Children

Standard 5.1 Respectful and equitable relationships are maintained with each child.

Standard 5.2 Each child is supported to build and maintain sensitive and responsive relationships.

QA7. Leadership and Service Management

Standard 7.2 Effective leadership builds and promotes a positive organisational culture and professional learning community.

Ongoing professional learning

Communicating effectively

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