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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

Bachelor of Education

The Early Years (4 years)

Year 1Y1


BR modules
  • EYMP101 Early Childhood Contexts (B)
  • EYPD102 Observing Children (20 days Professional Experience) (R)
Year 2Y2 iTE modules
  • EYHS202 Children’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing (I)
  • EYPD201 Curriculum Content and Programming (20 days Professional Experience) (T)
  • EYEP201 Effective Partnerships for Early Childhood Professionals (E)
Year 3Y3 BRT modules
  • EYCC302 Contexts of Developmental Interconnections Between Child, Family and Community (B Review)
  • EYFE301 Early Intervention: A Broad Approach (R Review)
  • EYMP302 Early Childhood Education and Care Services – Managements and Admin (T Review)
Year 4Y4 iE modules
  • EYPD401 Early Years Project (I Review)
  • EYTS401 Transition to School (E Review)
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