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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

Module I

Wellbeing and NQS

For our Eearly Years students, we focus on the importance of planning ahead in relation to their wellbeing and initiatives to support their own mental health. This is achieved by unpacking the ‘circle of security’ and building on the relationship based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents / caregivers and children. An example scenario may be:

In a team situation, the pre-service teacher may be given a directive that goes against their own philosophy, against a particular Standard, or against what another staff member has said to do.

The team work environment provides added challenges and therefore, the need for resilience, in navigating situations such as:- forcing a child to sleep; not allowing them to leave the table unless have finished food; or insisting on building curriculum around school readiness rather than the individual needs of the child.


Topics NQS - Quality areas and standards

Personal wellbeing

QA2. Children’s Health and Safety

Standard 2.1 Each child’s health and physical activity is supported and promoted.

Standard 2.2 Each child is protected.

QA4. Staffing Arrangements

Standard 4.1 Staffing arrangements enhance children’s learning and development.

Work-life balance

Maintaining motivation

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