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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education


Linking learning with Module R Relationships

BRiTE (R) Maintaining support networks

Being in a new teaching environment can be both exciting and a little overwhelming as you get to know new systems, policies, staff, students and parents. Research shows that maintaining support networks is very important, especially for new teachers. It’s important to stay in touch with friends, family and university colleagues who can support you.

What strategies do you have for maintaining support networks?
(These activities are included in online forums, and then further discussed in tutorials).

1. Family, Friends

Select 2 of the tips in the ‘Friends and Family’ section and identify why these resonate with you.

2. Colleagues

It’s also important to establish ways of keeping in touch with university colleagues who will understand your situation and will want to talk about school life. These people will be probably experiencing the same things, and will be your future collegial network. Harness this potential support network.

3. Support networks and social media

Research some of the social media sites that may be useful to you as an EC educator – comment on why one of them might be useful for you.

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