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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

EYHS202 Children’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Spring 2017

In the final weeks of this Year 2 subject, the students were required to complete Module ‘i’ Wellbeing,  to reflect on their own health and wellbeing, and consider self-care and resilience building strategies. Students were prompted to post a blog on their thinking and learnings within an online forum, and the following extracts provide a snapshot of their responses.

"I have understood Wellbeing as a more prominent, and important factor to myself in general and as an early years educator in training. Recently, I have found myself struggling to make a balance and to feel confident in myself to achieve. However, this module has definitely helped me understand strategies, and what else I can do to improve my overall health and wellbeing.”

“I liked the idea in thinking positively by having a photo, or statement of why I chose to become a teacher. I keep work that children give to me, and often look back on and reflect on how I have loved getting alongside the children and helping them learn and develop.”

“As a uni student I find it hard to be motivated especially towards the end of semester. Having a goal or a set of events at the end of the semester gave me motivation to finish my assignments as I was able to look forward to enjoying these things. I was also able to learn how optimism can affect our teaching. Turning events and challenges around to a more positive manner is important as it reflects in our attitude and relationships with children and families. ”

I also was intrigued by the pessimistic and optimistic thinking and how this can affect our personal judgements and our motivation for self-improvement."

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