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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

Future plans

Our UOW pre-service teachers will repeat each of the Modules across Years 3 & 4 of their studies, reviewing and reflecting both on the learning and their own earlier responses (which have been time-stamped) within the Modules.  As the pre-service teachers become more self-aware, drawing on their learning experiences in their studies and in their professional practice (PEX), they will then “see their growth over time”, and their progress as an Early Years pre-service teacher.

The BRiTE modules will be used as a preparation and mechanism of support for our  pathways students as they move from a diploma into  degree studies, with completion of the ‘B’ and ‘R’ modules as an introduction and pre-requisite into the program. These diploma students are granted Advanced Standing into a number of subjects within the Early Years program, and as a consequence, study across years and cohorts in a mixed progression mode. The transition from their prior studies to this degree is at times challenging, and completing these modules is an attempt to provide support and ensure a secure foundation for their future activities and learnings.

Additional resources have been developed specifically focused on attending to the needs and context of students enrolled in Early Childhood  education programs. These will be integrated into the BRiTE Modules, thereby enhancing the resource, and ensuring its value to the teaching profession.

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