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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

The power of partnerships

Partnerships with schools offer authentic opportunities for pre-service teachers to build resilience for the profession. Visiting with Sharon McDonough and Amanda McGraw at Federation University, I saw the power of a strong partnership with Ballarat High School evidenced by a dedicated uni teaching room, school teachers also working as uni tutors, past students now employed at the school and positive community support for pre-service teachers as they begin transitioning to the profession.

A particular unique approach to building resilience has been developed and involves alignment with the Thinking Dispositions Framework (McGraw, McDonough, Wines & O’Loughlan, 2016) which is embedded and developed throughout the Master of Teaching (Secondary) program. This framework offers a thinking based approach for developing resilience and is used to inform the design of learning experiences for PSTs.  Examples of embedded learning experiences initiated though the partnership include Classroom Intensives (regular classroom observations which build critical attention) and PSTs planning, teaching and evaluating a series of lessons linked to Values in Action. Through such experiences, PSTs learn to use thinking approaches which enable them to grapple with the gritty reality of teaching and its complexity.

Powerful partnerships with schools, teachers, colleagues and pre-service teachers are working to support teacher resilience.

Caroline, Sharon and Amanda

McGraw, A., McDonough, S., Wines, C., & O'Loughlan, C. (2016). Activating teaching dispositions in carefully constructed contexts: Examining the impact of classroom intensives. In R. Brandenberg, S. McDonough, J. Burke, & S. White (Eds.), Teacher Education: Innovation, intervention and impact (pp. 193-209). Singapore: Springer.

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