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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

Resilience in professional learning programs - Adelaide and Alice Springs

The authentic case from Charles Darwin University is now available at -

Among the artefacts there are insightful art works from students at CDU showing their thoughts about resilience, inspired by Lisa and Al's arts-based approach in professional learning workshops. Here's an example -

"Can’t all be made of brick because  then you can’t grow"

"Need pants made of bricks to have a stable and strong bottom half. They can be heavy to walk in, so with strength comes difficulty.

You also need a barrier of self-protection on the chest, but not brick Armor because you can’t cover all of you because then you can’t be open to change and growth (so you need vulnerability) – the capacity to take risks.

You also have the sun, which is a source of support and allows trees and flowers to grow on the top half all the while the brick pants are keeping you stable."

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