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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

People and places: Context matters

 Reflecting on the journey so far, with visits to collaborating universities and stimulating conversations with colleagues, teachers and school leaders, it becomes even more apparent that context really matters, and is actually the starting point for considering resilience in the teaching profession.
Visiting Charles Darwin Uni, Alice Springs campus in March highlighted the creative approaches to resilience building in teacher education, with Al Strangeways and Lisa Papatraianou embedding arts-based approaches in Professional Learning Workshops for pre-service teachers. The school contexts in Alice Springs can present some unique challenges and so require pre-service teachers to develop skills in  ‘unpacking’ issues, exploring options, reflecting, considering multiple perspectives and developing shared, community responses. As I observed a workshop I saw this process in action -  the process of constructing an arts-based response to an issue generated discussion of critical issues, multiple perspectives and thoughtful reflection about how challenges may be addressed. Resilience in action!

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