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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

From inspiration and shared vision comes collaboration

So, this is the first blog for this fellowship and as a first-time blogger, what I am going to try to capture is the progress of the project and the great work that is being done by colleagues across Australia. I am inviting collaborators to contribute as well, as this is truly a collaborative endeavour.

The brief story so far … Our team of collaborators spans Australia with 17 colleagues working at 6 universities (Murdoch Uni, Charles Darwin Uni, Queensland Uni of Technology, Uni of Wollongong, Federation Uni and Uni of Tasmania) involved. Each team has a unique approach to promoting resilience in their teacher education programs, using university and school contexts, needs of particular preservice teacher cohorts, and teacher educator expertise to inspire innovation and creative thinking.

We have embarked on a shared journey with a vision of embracing a range of approaches to facilitate the development of professional resilience for our pre-service teachers. Stay tuned!

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