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Promoting Resilience in Higher Education

Staying BRiTE @ CDU

"Doing it Resiliently"

Embedding resilience in non-compulsory professional learning programs in Adelaide and Alice Springs


Dr Lisa Papatraianou

Lisa is a Senior Lecturer in Education at CDU Adelaide Learning Centre. Lisa's research focuses on multi-disciplinary approaches to the conceptual and theoretical elements of human resilience and the practical application of resilience in education and human services sectors.


Adelaide, South Australia
Population: 1.3 million people.

Dr Al Strangeways

Al is a Senior Lecurer in Education at CDU Alice Springs Campus.  Al has 15 years previous experience as a Secondary English teacher and humanities co-ordinator.  She is an oil painter of portraits and landscapes and has used arts-based and narrative approaches throughout her teaching career.


Alice Springs

Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Regional centre of remote central Australia, population: 29,000 people.

Australian Government